Meet Me in the Metaverse, 2019

DIN A2 2 Layer risograph printed dust Jacket

Meet Me in the Metaverse publishes my dissertation research into the nature of the event as reflected upon by architects, philosophers and artists. In asking ‘Should the Visual Identity of an Event be Developed in Retrospect?’ the essay hopes to uncover the reality of The Event in graphic design practice. 

In my own graphic design practice The Event has often been
a way to present ideas and the live social format offers a space for the wider discussion of these ideas. In the organisation of these events, which often takes a team of people adopting a multiplicity of roles, I have noticed a tension between what is designed and how the event unfolds in reality. The intention then of posing this question is not, explicitly, to answer it but to use it as a way to explore the reflections of architects, philosophers, artists and new technologies on the event in relation to this tension. Bernard Tschumi’s architectural theorisations on The Event, Space and Movement will act as a guide as I identify two faces of The Event: Firstly, the event that can be designed, (D) Event, and secondly the more under-represented event that cannot be designed or rather the un-designed event, (UD) Event. Finally, I will explore the convergence of the two as the (D+UD) Event.